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Webstreaming goes mad!

So it seems that everyone has gone Zoom mad!

Zoom this - zoom that! Live webstreaming is at the front of everyone's minds these days.

Everyone is literally zooming all over the world!

How to create and host a virtual event is now the big question for event organisers.

We've actually been hosting live feeds for clients for quite a few years now. It's not hard to do - but it is a new area where some people might struggle. You have to have the right kit and be confident in what you can achieve and fulfil the client's requirements.

But - we don't use Zoom. We actually use a better service which goes beyond. Delivering secure, reliable web streams.

To find out more about web streaming you can visit

If you require web streaming as part of your event or conference get in touch. It doesn't have to be via video call though! Just dial 07887 655728 or drop us an email.


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