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Lockdown creates WIX SEO

So what are you going to do? I asked myself that question a thousand times recently.

Events aren't happening. Everyone is holding back, fighting to just survive.

Ok - so I've actually done some work over the past four months. A Facebook video advert for a bespoke Jewellery company. Stacked product macro photography for the same jewellery company. Video edited a medical Zoom conference for a new client. An animated web banner for another good client. Converted some mini dv tapes to dvd and mpeg4 movies.

With time on my hands I decided to get to grips with improving my own websites. Google changed their algorithms a few years back. As a result I was unceremoniously dumped from page one for many of my search terms.

A while ago I needed to update my sites and I went with Wix. Now some people will frown upon this as most developers go with Wordpress. But Wix seemed to appeal to the designer in me. And you know what - it was the right choice for me. Wix is so much better these days.

So I did what I do best in times of doubt - make my own destiny. This involved opening a can of worms – SEO.

I've watched videos, I've read articles. I've listened and learned as much as I can. And it's worked! I now rank back on page one of google for many of my keywords and search terms. Some keyword terms I rank in position one for. As well as good positions for Google My Business.

I've learnt the correct way to seo a site for local and national searches. And more importantly I've applied this thinking to other Wix sites and helped them climb up that google ladder to page one.

So much so that I've decided to offer paid technical SEO and copyrighting services to other WIX website users. It's looking good so far with five enquiries in one day!

If you need help with your SEO on a poorly ranked WIX site why not drop me an email and I'll see if I can help.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Lockdown certainly creates opportunities for businesses to evolve.


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