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Presentations can be used in a variety of different ways. The telling of a story, facts and figures, sales and marketing information, or high end animated motion graphics set to music. The limits on how PowerPoint can be used is governed by the skill, creativity, and experience of the presentation designer.

With over 25 years experience producing PowerPoint presentations for companies across the West Midlands and the rest of the UK. I cover everything from conferences to awards dinners The Multi Media Market can either design presentations or give on-site event support to its clients. I have extensive experience with all versions of PowerPoint on both PC and Mac operating systems.

Who do I produce projects for?

I deal with many advertising agencies and conference and event organisers in the supplying of expertise in presentation design and animation. Quite often working within brand guidelines to produce workable layouts from existing Indesign or PDF files. Or just sitting with a client and working through their presentation the night before the big conference or event.

Most of the time though I work remotely from home in the West Midlands.

If you need presentation support call Brian Wheatley on 07887 655728.

Presentations | Animated PowerPoint or Keynote from a West Midlands Presentation Designer

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