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Midlands Drone Filming | Photographer

Drone Photographer and Videographer in the Midlands

Aerial Photographer in the Midlands.

Drone Filming and Aerial Photography from a Professional Midlands Drone Photographer and Video Production Company

Drone Filming and Photography in the Midlands for real impact using the professional DJI Mini 2. It can fly where other drones can’t due to new CAA legislation.

Drone filming companies add a new dimension to video storytelling with aerial footage and photography from above. Drone filming can allow your audience to see your subject from an unusual angle without the expense of having to hire a crane or helicopter. Get a birds-eye view of your subject that adds a new angle on things.

Maybe you need some architecture photography with a flyover of a building for commercial use. Architectural photography drone flyovers can show the layout of a new luxury building to potential buyers. Maybe you need a dramatic start to your corporate presentation video that really makes people go WOW!

Excite your viewers with stunning overhead flight views or low fast-flying footage. Put people in a dynamic birds-eye view of a scene that will excite and enthrall them.

The DJI Mini 2 falls into a unique category. As it weighs less than 250g it is able to go where other drones can’t in relation to buildings, people and residential areas. Find out more information about it here

So, if you’re looking for a Midlands Aerial Photographer or Videography company call The Multi-Media Market.

The DJI Mini 2 drone is classed as C0 in the A1 open category.

I have an Operators ID and Flyer ID from the CAA for A1 and A3 sub-categories.


This drone is an awesome piece of kit as it allows for flights close to and over buildings and uninvolved people.

It’s perfect for architectural, landscape, corporate and wedding videography.


It certainly isn’t a toy as it has a fantastic 4K camera with a gimbal, automatically hovering in the air and automated take-off and landing functions. Plus, the ability to set limits on flying height and a return to home function.


There is a new classification system for drones that came into effect on 31st December 2020 whereby drones are now classified from C0 to C4. These classifications depend on the weight and capabilities of the drone.


C0 <250g

C1 <900g

C2 <4kg

C3 <25kg With Automation

C4 <25kg No Automation


Along with the drone classification, Flight Risk Assessments have also changed. There is now an Open, Specific and Certified classification that is based on the proximity of flying near people and the level of risk associated.


Most drone operators now need to register their drones. Also, an Operator ID is required for the person or business that is responsible for the drone and must display the ID on the drone and pay a £9 annual fee. Anyone who flies a drone requires a Flyer ID.


Here’s a brief breakdown of the new classifications for drones:


Open Category – for flights that present a low (or no) risk to third parties. Flights are conducted in accordance with basic and pre-defined characteristics and are not subject to any authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority.


Specific Category – for flights that present a greater risk to third parties than that of the Open category, or where one or more elements of the operation fall outside the boundaries of the Open category. Operations will require operational authorisation from the CAA, based on a safety risk assessment.


Certified Category – flights that present an equivalent risk to that of manned aviation and so will be subjected to the same regulatory laws.


I’m going to explain the Open Category as this is the drone classification that I use at the moment.


So, simply put the Open Category is split into three sub-categories.


Category A1 is for low-risk, lightweight drones below 250g (C0) and allows for the drone to be close to people and potential overflight of people but not crowds of people. Competency requirements are to complete the manual and DMARES.


A1 Transitional if for drones below 500g (C1) with no intentional flight over uninvolved people. Competency requirements are to complete the manual and DMARES and CofC.


Category A2 C2 is for no overflights but closer to people (30m horizontally with 5m allowed in low-speed mode).


The A2 Cofc qualification is required to operate a drone in this category.


Category A3 (C3 and C4) doesn’t allow overflight of people and you should remain 150m horizontally away from congested areas, buildings and people. Because of the distance away from hazards, the only competency training needed is the user manual and DMARES.


All drones in the open category are limited to a flying height of 120m or 400ft to avoid commercial airspace.


Bare in mind that despite the new C0 type drones being allowed to operate close to people and buildings that there are limitations to the abilities of these drones. Wind speed and weather conditions will play a major part on the day as to whether it’s safe to fly or not.


Also, checks need to be carried out regarding flying in restricted airspace and whether there are any local bye-laws regarding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). So a call to the local council or landowners is a good idea and certain Apps provide information about flight zones, hazards and weather conditions.


When it comes to insurance for leisure purposes 12-million-pound public liability insurance is required. And for corporate, architectural photography use and weddings, you can either take out annual, hourly or daily insurance. So, if you know you will be flying at a certain time it’s a really cost-effective way of being covered.

So, if you‘re hovering around looking for a Midlands Aerial Photographer or Videographer Company don’t fly right past me! Give me a call now.

See some examples of Aerial Photography and Videography –

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Aerial Videographer with Drone Filming, The Multi Media Market, Midlands.
Aerial Drone Videographer Operator Filming in the Midlands, Multi Media Market.

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