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Freelance Video Editor

Freelance Video Editor | Midlands/Birmingham Premiere Pro Editing


Freelance Video Editor near Birmingham in the West Midlands | Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing

Telling Great Stories with State-of-the-Art Software and Hardware

So you’ve completed your filming. Now you need a Freelance Video Editor to make it look its best. To flow. To tell a story. It might be just a simple multiple-camera mix from a conference. Or a webinar that looks a bit disorganized. An old promotional video that needs updating. You may require some special effects and funky transitions applying. Or a tool with a specific feature to clean up your footage. You need a Freelance Video Editor who knows his stuff! And knows and understands Adobe Premiere software very well.

A local West Midlands Freelance Video Editor based in Dudley near Birmingham and Wolverhampton. The Multi-Media Market offers fast, reliable, and professional Video Editing. I can take video footage and make it shine in Adobe Premiere.

I’ve been a Freelance Video Editor since 2006. Originally using early mac versions of Adobe Premiere. Then moving to Final Cut Pro until Adobe released its latest versions of Premiere Pro. Using the Creative Suite to produce all kinds of Edited Video Productions.

Premiere Pro Video Editing is a mixture of creative vision and technical ability. Modern Video Editing is about knowing what the client wants to achieve, exceeding those expectations, but not breaking the bank at the same time. The editing software features amazing built-in transitions and effects. And allows third-party plugins and tools for special effects and motion graphics.

The ability to take footage from different cameras with different codecs and formats is vitally important. I work with Apple ProRes 422 but I can also supply in Cineform and DNxHD formats. Pretty much anything is provided by Adobe Media Encoder for broadcast delivery. Or popular compressed formats such as H264 for use on the web or social media.


The Multi-Media Market can help you story-board your videos. As well as filming support and producing the final video edit. This can then be used on the web and online social media, at conferences or events, and even TV commercials. You can use videos in lots of places for lots of different reasons.

Most people can learn to edit videos - but it does take time and experience to become a Freelance Video Editor. But being able to take footage and make it broadcast legal, well-colour-graded, and well-timed is paramount to becoming a superb editor of videos. As a professional video cameraman, I understand the process of producing quality video footage. Often having a client work with me, sharing free ideas to create the entire video production.


Professionally edited video footage can invoke an emotional connection between the story and the viewer. And this is something that The Multi-Media Market excels at and loves to create. So if you’re looking for a Freelance Video Editor in the West Midlands, Birmingham, London, Dudley or Wolverhampton call me for more information.

Call 01384 231255 or 07887 655728

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Freelance Birmingham Video Editor Editing a Zoom Webinar

Freelance Video Editor | Birmingham | NHS Case-Study | Zoom Webinar Editing

In June 2020 I was approached by Millbrook Medical Conferences to video edit a Zoom Webinar project. This was an extremely important online meeting of a group of UK and European Heart Surgeons. They themselves were discussing Covid related heart surgery using presentations and embedded video footage of angiograms.

There were three separate video feeds, each 4 hours long. Only having a short turn-around time to video edit the work I downloaded the videos after the event from the Zoom website.

The footage was recorded as mpeg4 movies. So my first task was to encode to Quicktime Apple ProRes 422 format. Doing this allows me to work and render effects so much quicker than working with mpeg4 files whilst editing. I made this conversion overnight before the next days editing at my home studio. 

The next morning the client had reviewed the footage and supplied me with the edit decision list notes.

My main goal was to create three smooth, professional, coherent videos for uploading to YouTube. This would be a private playlist for other members of the NHS to subscribe to. The files being split into sections for chronological viewing.

It was a long day with sixteen hours of production time. I had to make creative and technical decisions on how the media would work together. Some of the zoom headshots were not positioned well or the edits were not perfect. So it was a case of mixing the different feeds as the footage was sized differently in each feed. Then repositioning or resizing the footage to a highly designed standard for easy viewing.

Adding slide graphics to introduce each video was really easy as the client supplied these. So all I had to do was drop them into the video timeline.

As the footage was recorded by the surgeon’s own webcams it was kinda blurred. So one of my final tasks was to add a little bit of sharpening to the videos. The sound was pretty good but I did give it a bit of EQ and Limited the Peaks.

Once I was happy with the editing I exported each video separately using match settings from Adobe Premiere. Then I imported them into Adobe Media Encoder and encoded them overnight as YouTube 10 bit files. Each file was around 2 Gigabytes in file size.

The next morning was Saturday so all I had to do was upload each video to the client’s private YouTube Playlist. The client made a few tweaks to the supplied title slides. This wasn’t a massive issue for myself but I did have to edit the first video and resupply it.

So in summary. The Zoom webinar happened on a Thursday. I downloaded the original footage overnight. The editing was started and completed on Friday. And delivery was made on Saturday.

The client was over the moon!

I've since worked on several other projects similar to this one for this same client.

Amazing Animation with Adobe After Effects

Looking for funky motion graphics, video animation for websites, complex animated text, and images? These can all be produced by Adobe After Effects software for video. This is an industry-standard video broadcast software package that produces amazing results.

Dynamically linked video sequences can be exported from the Premiere Pro software into After Effects. These video sequences can then be animated, graded, or have special effects applied. Premiere Pro sees these effects instantly and updates the video footage in the original sequence. Thus producing a seamless, stress-free workflow.

Visit this page to read about mograph.

Superb Audio with Adobe Audition

It’s not all about how a film or video looks. Good audio is vital to any video production. Modern broadcast microphones produce amazing results. But sometimes a little love and care are required to sweeten the sound by the editor.

I use Adobe Audition to make audio pop! Being careful to not peak over the legal limits of audio for TV or the web. And of course, to be able to remove any unwanted clips, noisy pops, or crackles. And the best tools and effects that audio software has these days is really quite mind-blowing.

Graphic Equalisers, compressors, spectrum analysis, peak limiters. They all have a role to play in producing professional-quality sound for video productions. Call me now for more details.

Freelance Birmingham Video Editor, The-Multi Media Market, West Midlands
Midlands Freelance Video Editor using video editing software

Looking for a Freelance Premiere Pro user? Call Brian Wheatley from The Multi-Media Market on 07887 655728 for a chat

I provide Freelance Video Editing cover for all of the UK including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Derbyshire, London, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

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