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Animation Motion Graphics

Animation and Motion Graphics in the Midlands

Animation and Motion Graphics using Adode After Effects

A true multi-media experience is a combination of animation, video, and audio which can be used to help tell a story or bring ideas to life.

Motion graphics is a fast-growing industry sector with more and more companies using animations within websites, logos, and corporate video productions.


It used to be that high-end animation and special effects were firmly in the hands of the big expensive movie companies and video production houses. Way out of reach of the normal computer user.

That’s certainly changed over the years with the advent of faster, more powerful computers and a wealth of software that can create all kinds of effects and animations.


Adobe After Effects, when combined with Premiere Pro can produce some pretty amazing results. Seamlessly integrating After Effects sequences into a Premier Pro time-line is so easy. It's called dynamic linking and really speeds up the editing process.


The Multi-Media Market is always trying to push its own boundaries. Creating work for clients that exceed their expectations. So we're always learning and trying out new creative methods of communication within the graphics industry.


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