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New weapon to my armoury

Yes - I've finally gone and bought a gimbal!

Move over Steadicam - the Moza Air 2 is now here and I'm having great fun learning how to use it!

It certainly is a powerful new weapon to add to the kit list of video cameras and equipment I use on a shoot.

A gimbal allows the cameraman to walk around with a camera and produce nice even movement. So no jerky shots which you get by holding the camera in your hands.

A powered gimbal can take a reasonable amount of weight and heavy lenses. It's even possible to run with a gimbal or mount it to a car or bike for super smooth video footage.

I've even mounted it on a slider whereby I can control the gimbal with an iphone app. The Moza Air 2 Gimbal is truly a powerful weapon this video company adds to its armoury.


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