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Mark Walker and Rudi Van Reeth Deal

I was recently commissioned to travel over to Belgium and film and produce a video of quite a historic event in the world of professional pigeon racing.

Mark Walker and Rudi Van Reeth have agreed to a rolling 3-year contract for Mark to race and breed from some of Rudi's world-class stock of racing pigeons. Also involved are a team of professional UK breeders and racers who will be putting the birds through their paces.

I travelled to Belgium with Mark Walker, Les Green and Nick Tandy via the Chunnel then up to Belgium. After a night's stopover, we all met at Rudi's Loft where the guys spent time meeting Rudi and his top-class loft of racing pigeons.

My job as a Racing Pigeon Videographer was too film the guys announcing the agreement which is big news in the racing pigeon world. I used two cameras on the shoot. When the shoot was over myself and Ronnie, Tim and Bob Fenech travelled over to visit and film another breeder who Bob was buying some birds from. This will be a video delivered on DVD and mass-produced. Then after another night's stay in Belgium, we made our way back via the chunnel and up to the midlands. Three days away with two days of video editing to complete the project.

Historic UK Racing Pigeon Dea with Rudi Van Reeth
Rudi Van Reeth with Mark, Les, Ian, Nick, Tim and Bob.

Belgium and Holland are the centre of the European scene and Rudi's birds have been making a big name for themselves and this deal will see the birds off-spring introduced into the UK racing scene.

For more information about The Multi Media Market visit

world class racing pigeon
Rudi Van Reeth with one his world class racing pigeons


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