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Video Production | Atomos Ninja Flame

Midlands Video Production Equipment

Being a Midlands Video Production Company we have to keep up with or ahead of the competition. So new gear is always exciting. With the addition of another top-end Atomos Monitor/recorder to the kit list I can now offer onsite HDR/LOG monitoring. This unit provides direct recording onto solid-state drives with up to 4K resolution. In fact, I recently used the Ninja Flame on a shoot in Holland for Neopost which I was commissioned for by Plum Ideas based in Stourbridge. I'll also be using it on another two projects coming up in August.

So what's so good about the Ninja Flame? I could write a small book on its whistles and bells but the main things are full 4K HDR monitoring and recording, 7 inch 1500 nit screen, false colour for exposure, focus peaking, and dual batteries for long recording sessions.

Video Production and the Log Curve benefits the Videographer

Many professional video cameras shoot in what is known as Log format where the image is pretty flat with no contrast. This is very hard to expose onset and not very useful to clients who like to see what is being filmed. So Atomos have developed an HDR system whereby the log footage can be viewed as it would appear once it has been edited and graded either by hand or a preset LUT being applied. The benefits to the client and the videographer are immense.

Also, the Flame allows full HD 1080p at 50fps recording in 10 bit Apple ProRes format. This gives lovely smooth footage as a progressive picture as opposed to filming in 1080i.

And with the dual battery capability or being able to run from mains power, it makes a great recording solution for conferences or training seminars. These can be long recording times often covering the whole day.


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