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MoGraph? Never heard of it? – What is it?

Well - it's short for Motion Graphics.

The art of animation that brings to life all kinds of things. Text, graphics, 3D worlds - all created within software such as Cinema4D, Strata Studio, Maya and Adobe After Effects.

This is a specialised industry and one which people spend years learning and perfecting their MoGraph skills.

Character animation, funky chaotic transitions, diverse outer space universes - all can be created using a combination of software and of course creative thinking.

But sometimes it just needs to be used sparingly on certain video projects. Maybe bring a logo to life or animate text onto or off the screen. Something in the past which was never heard of in normal design terms. But nowadays the cost of producing this kind of media is well within reach of most clients budgets.

The Multi Media Market animation department endeavours to stretch it's own creative abilities. So we're always looking at what can be achieved commercially for our clients.


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